APIs documentation

Friday Factory provides powerful APIs to help you enrich your users experience and automate workflows. We create cloud solutions to help businesses with their digital transformation. In this documentation you will find a description of our APIs that can help reduce your development time.


You can use our staging mode for development which does not affect your live data and change your endpoint and credentials when you are ready for production.

Staging https://api.fridayfactory.dev
Production https://api.fridayfactory.io


Our APIs are organised around REST with requests and responses written in JSON format.


All our APIs calls require a unique partnerID and signature sent in the body of the request.

We recommend to send the user's IP address as value for the ip key as it gives you the option to block IPs from bots and scammers if needed in the future.

  "authentication": {
    "partnerId": "your-partner-id",
    "signature": "your-signature",

Contact us to get your credentials and get started.